A high quality, order-based production does not revolve only around its product, but begins with the planning of the business premises and the allocation of all necessary resources. Among these is the conscientious use of natural resources.

At the base of our production is an exact pre-selection of ecologically produced and likewise conserved chemicals, their use and ultimately the disposal of the unused portion.

CO2 certiefied green electricity, a solar power system which supplements and buffers peak power requirements, combined with the efficient use of power and natural resources - such as water - are part of our environmental philosophy. Our waste water is treated through a multilevel biological clarification plant, which ranks as one of the best in the field. It has been specially designed for this use and with proper maintenance can restore 99% of the water's original purity level, which is regulary monitored. The cleaned waste water is then rerouted to the discharge system. The accumulated tannery by-products are separately screened and for the most part conducted to recycling.