About us

Dear friends of Perlinger leather,

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found comprehensive information about us while browsing through our company's introduction. Before closing, please allow me to express a few personal thoughts:

I have asked myself many times, why the Perlinger Leather Factory has been successful as a family enterprise - against all odds in its history of almost 150 years. Why are we the only producing calf tannery still in existence in Germany today?

Is it due to its location and the access to regional raw material, the soft water or our hard working employees? Or is it due to the cumulative experience, handed down from generation to generation, the farsightedness of the founders, our obsession for quality, sense of responsibility to continue against all odds with an environmental awareness?

It is safe to say that it is a little bit of everything. Above all, it is our passion for LEATHER!


Ulrich Perlinger