Calf leather “made by Perlinger” is unique and differs through its elegant appearance, natural touch and durability. These attributes have more meaning now than ever before in our fast moving "throw-away" society.

We place special value to the "inner qualities" of our leather - not readily apparent upon first glance. Practial use will show the difference. To achieve this goal, we intentionally apply different principles.

Sulphiding, depilation and scudding are just some special steps used even today in our tanning. In the finishing process, we apply glazing, hand-ironing and hand-boarding. The fact, that our tanning process requires about 150 hours, in contrast to the usual 24 to 48 hours in a typical industrial production, speaks for the emphasis we place on quality. We are certain that in the future more and more leather experts from within our customer base will come to embrace our philosophy and appreciate the heart and soul we put into our product