In 1864 the tanner Joseph Perlinger founded the  Leather Factory Perlinger in Furth im Wald, Bavaria, along the newly emerged train connection between Nuremberg and Prague. Settled in the center of the community, the accommodation soon became too small, due to the rapid increase in prosperity. That resulted in the new building of today’s headquarters between 1890 and 1896, which is approximately 2 kilometers outside of town.

The new generous facilities, already at that time equipped with modern machines, allowed for a considerable expansion of production. Being the first in Germany to establish the chrome-tanning, awarded with the gold prize at the world exhibitions in Chicago and Antwerp in 1893 and 1894, this was the cornerstone for success and justified the distinguished reputation of Perlinger Leather even today. Thereafter, and until now over a total of five generations of tanners have experienced the emotional ups and downs of world history.

Economic crises, inflation or wars did not leave our family or company untouched. However, every generation knew how to prevail with skill, farsightedness, entrepreneurial diligence and last but not least – a little bit of luck.

It began very early from simple tools to mechanization and then to industrialization. The high point of production with around 200 employees was therefore reached in the early nineteen-twenties. After having endured the world political crises, in the nineteen-fifties a new up-swing came about, before manufactured leather imports triggered an extinction of tanning in Germany. This crisis could also be overcome, so that we as the last solely producing calf tanning company in Germany have reached our destination.

Our ambition will continue to be, with great dedication, to maintain our rank on the international market and to even yet further expand it.